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Change Through Insight

Whatever brings you to analysis – trauma, depression, a feeling that something has not been right for a long time but it never seems to be the right time to face it, anxiety, hopelessness, feeling lost and misunderstood, different from others or just wanting to have a better relationship with yourself – the underlying desire is for change.


Change.  Change the way you look at the world.  Change the way you feel.  Change the way you see others and the way others seem to see you.  And often, we are frightened of change.  Often it feels like if we are going to change, we are going to have to let go of something – fear, grief, an unhealthy relationship, guilt.  This can feel daunting, to the extent of feeling overwhelming. 


Analysis can allow you the space and the time and the knowledge that someone is with you through the process to enable you to facilitate and welcome change and acceptance in your life.


I am Sally Davies and have practised as a counsellor since 2007.  I am currently undertaking a clinical training at The Site For Contemporary Psychoanalysis.  I offer open-ended therapeutic analysis, allowing you to do as much work as you feel is right or necessary for you at the time. 

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Sally Davies


Change Through Insight